Coleorton Parish Speedwatch

2020 - Petition to arrange a further Speedwatch

Despite the installation of mobile warning signs that were erected in 2011 following earlier Speedwatch campaigns, speeding through the village remains a major concern. The volume of traffic appears to have increased which only makes the matter more dangerous.

The Parish Council have opened a petition to gain enough support to request a Speedwatch from the County Council. This is available at the Post Office. Alternatively, download petition form, collect signatures and return to Parish Clerk.

The parish council is looking into the possibility of installing "smiley/frowny face" signs like the ones on the Rempstone Road going through Belton which seem quite effective.

Previous Speedwatch Campaigns

Following the initial Speedwatch Campaign in autumn of 2010 the second Speedwatch campaign during 9-22 May 2011 was fairly successful despite the low number of volunteers. This meant that the areas we could monitor were limited to Lower Moor Road, The Moor and the Moorlands. There were many vehicles logged at driving at 40MPH and one or two as fast as 60MPH in these residential areas. Owners of those vehicles will be receiving warning letters from the police.

The Parish Council has invested in a mobile speed warning sign and this will be appearing around the parish. This will make drivers aware of how fast they are going in residential 30MPH areas and hopefully they will reduce their speed and make Coleorton a safer place.

Background to the Community Speed Watch scheme (pdf) >>

What happens with the information collected?

The information gathered will be passed through to the police who will send out letters to the registered keepers of speeding vehicles outlining the concerns of the local residents and requesting that the speed limit is adhered to in the future.

It will also be used to support requests for speed reduction measures such as permanent speed cameras, animated signs, change to the speed limits etc.

Coleorton is essentially a rural community. The two main roads running through Coleorton are the the A512 and A511. Most of the other roads are very rural lanes and residential roads. However, some of these are also use by commuters and others and can get pretty busy at certain times of the day. None of these roads were designed or built for high-speed traffic, but some drivers seem unaware or don’t care about the dangers of speeding on narrow, bendy roads where there are also walkers, horse-riders, farm traffic and cyclists.


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