Village Signs

Looking forward to Spring!

Flower box on the Peggs Green, Coleorton Sign

Planter on the village sign on Nottingham Road, Peggs Green

For the last couple of years the Parish Council has arranged for plant boxes to be fixed on the village signs and filled with flowering plants during the summer months. They do brighten up the village. Most of the planter boxes are rented from a company who also provide the plants and water them. However, some residents have asked if they could maintain a box near to where they live. In these cases the Council have purchased planter boxes and assisted with purchase of plants if required. The planter at the A512 Lower Moor Road junction is maintained by a resident who has kept the show going throughout the winter with winter-flowering pansies, and Cllr Hughes maintains the one on New Road. Very much appreciated - thank you!

The Council must make arrangements for the summer and place the necessary orders by middle of February.

Would you like to look after a box near you? If you'd like to volunteer for this (and you'll need to weed and water the boxes throughout the summer) please let Andrew our clerk know as soon as possible.

Signs of the times!

You may have noticed our brand new village signs. These are boldly proclaiming that we are in The National Forest and also that the individual villages are within Coleorton Parish. Gives the individual villages a bit more prominence too. Some didn’t have any distinguishing signs before. Farm Town and Newbold also have new village signs.

Coleorton250Coleorton sign on A512 with flowers provided by the W.I.ChurchTown250

ColeortonMoor250Peggs Green