Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Memories of Coleorton

Corporal Toon awarded Military Medal

Corporal E Toon from Coleorton was awarded the Military Medal (second only to the Victoria Cross) for his services to fellow prisoners in the Wittenberg camp during the first World War. He nursed many sick prisoners during a cholera outbreak when they received no help from their captors. Corporal Toon lived with his wife and family in Coleorton and worked at the Whitwick Colliery before the war. Corporal Toon was subsequently promoted to sergeant.

The following account was taken from an article in the Coalville Times of June 9th 1916 under the heading "Coleorton Soldier Honoured":

The above is a summary of the article which appeared in the 4th February 1916 edition of the Coalville Times. Coalville Times article by Terry Ward. The full article is available from the Heritage Group - email

Further Wartime Memories can be found in the Coleorton Heritage Group's beautifully illustrated book Memories of Coleorton. Tom Brooks, an early member of the group, was born in 1916 and in the book he records that on the night he was born a German Zeppelin passed over Coleorton on its way to dropping bombs in Burton-upon-Trent. During the Second World War Tom was called up for the army in 1939. He could not understand why he had been selected for military service when most miners were retained in the pits. The account goes on, but to find out more you need to read the book which is now on sale. Copies are available from Ashby Museum and Coleorton Heritage Group >>

Memories of Gillian & Lyn, the granddaughters of the Jordans who ran The George Inn about 100 years ago

The George Inn was originally owned by the Beaumonts, belonging to Sir George’s estate and from on or before 1908 it was rented by the Jordan family.  Grace Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jordan was the licensee. They were tenants before this time. Grace and her husband Harold ran a butcher’s business alongside the public house and their granddaughter Gillian remembers talk of ham and meat hanging from the hooks in the public bar and the grease/fat dripping on to customers.  The public bar at that time only had benches on either side where the local miners would sit.  A horse and cart was used to deliver the meat.  They owned The George until the 1930s.  They also used the paddock behind the current art deco house opposite. Grace & Harold are buried in the graveyard of St John’s chapel (just inside and to the left of the gate).


Jordan brothers at The George Inn; Loughborough Road

More about The Jordans and The George in "Memories of Coleorton" book >>

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