Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Recycling & household waste

Recycling centre at Lount is open

You must book an appointment see

The Coalville centre is still shut.

Keep rubbish at home if it's safe to do so, or find other ways to get rid of it responsibly.

The Bulky items Collection Service is being restarted Up to 3 items can be collected from outside you home for 25. See

Whatever you do, don't dump rubbish - you could be fined or prosecuted for fly-tipping.


Collections during the Coronavirus situation

From Tuesday 28 April, garden waste collections will resume on a monthly basis.

Cardboard collections are returning monthly from Tuesday 23 June

Cardboard will be collected alternating fortnightly with your garden waste. See

All other collections as usual, but no side items will be collected. More info at NWLDC update to recycling during Coronovirus >>


Kerbside battery and mobile phone collections
commencing 1 December 2019

From 1 December 2019 we will collect used batteries and mobile phones with household recycling collections. This information has been communicated to residents on the back of the Christmas/2020 collection calendars and in the household recycling guide enclosed with the calendars.

Residents need to put out the batteries and mobile phones as follows:

  • Put batteries and mobile phones in a lidded, recyclable container such as a jam jar, margarine tub or plastic takeaway container. The batteries and mobile phones must remain separate to each other (e.g. batteries in a jam jar and mobile phones in a butter tub).
  • Put the container(s) out on the kerbside next to the red box on their recycling collection day.
  • Our crews will tip the batteries and mobile phones into the relevant compartment on the recycling vehicle, then recycle the container afterwards.

We will accept:

  • All AAA and AA cells
  • Sizes C and D
  • Button batteries (watch and hearing aid batteries)
  • Laptop batteries
  • Power tool batteries
  • Mobile phones (if accessible, the battery should be removed and put with the other batteries)

Alternatively - many supermarkets have a collection box for printer cartridges and batteries - Tescos gives you points. Hermitage Leisure Centre in Whitwick and Hood Park in Ashby have collection boxes for old batteries.

Changes to Recycling and Household waste at Coalville and Lount from April 2016

There are changes to the times these sites are open and the types of waste they will accept. Also check whether permits are needed for some items and possible charges. Download this flyer for more details: Recycling and Household Waste changes NWLDC

Household refuse collection & recycling

Clothes, textiles, etc

Recycling bins are located at The Angel Inn car park, The George Inn car park or put old clothes and household fabrics in a plastic bag with your recycling and black bin for collection.


Clear out your wardrobe and take pairs of used shoes to Coleorton Post Office during opening hours where there is a recycling collection point for used shoes.

Give unwanted items a new lease of life!

Take items, clean and in reasonable condition, to the many charity shops in Coalville or Ashby. Someone will buy and make good use of them and the proceeds will help the charity continue its good work.

IT equipment

Old IT and electrical equipment has to be disposed of properly under WEEE directive. Computer Aid International take working IT equipment and set up projects to reduce poverty worldwide.

Scrap Metal

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force on 1 October 2013; in the main it has created two types of licence:

  • A site licence for those businesses with a fixed site
  • A collector’s licence for those who call “door to door” and have no fixed site

All licence holders have to:

  • keep records where they obtain or dispose of metal with or without payment
  • display licences in public view (in the case of a collector it is to be displayed in the windscreen of their vehicle)

No cash transactions are allowed, scrap metal dealers now include those businesses formerly known as motor salvage operators.

Further assistance and enforcement support is available from: Street Action Team (Enforcement), tel 01530 454514 or email:

Scrap cars

Donate your Scrap Car to Charity! Make a lasting difference to the charity of your choice by donating your car today.