Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Planning Issues

Planning and Development Guidelines

Check if you need planning consent for your proposed development or change, contacts for advice and how to apply for planning permission.

Planning applications are decided by the District Council. Local planning applications are discussed at the Parish Council meeting, and occasionally between meetings if the District Council planning deadlines are before the next Parish Cuncil meeting. The Parish Council responds to each application with its recommendations, based on local knowledge and comments from parishioners. The general public can respond directly to the District Council as well. Your comments have equal weight to those of the Parish Council. Results of planning applications are usually recorded in the parish council meeting minutes.

View current applications

You can view and submit comments on current planning applications at
You can also sign up to get notifications of new applications and changes emailed to you. You have to select a post-code to get notifications of changes within defined radius.

Alternatively you can use this map to see local planning applications:
If the map doesn't show immediately after you've entered your post code click on "Planning Applications" tab on the right hand side.

Concerns raised about development in Coleorton

Coleorton is a lovely place to live with many residents returning to their roots after years living elsewhere. So it's understandable that more houses are needed and developers see an opportunity. But there are rules and guidelines about what can be built and where. In general, houses can't be built outside of the existing built area - building line - and there's a general rule by planners that more development in "unsustainable areas" is to be discouraged. Large parts of Coleorton Parish are indeed considered "unsustainable" i.e. they have limited acess to public transport, local shop, schools and doctors. But some are - specifically Coleorton Village around Lower Moor Road.

There is quite a number of applications for development in and around Coleorton at the moment and some residents are concerned this is changing the rural character of Coleorton and that the plans being put forward tend to be large 4-5 executive-style houses which a lot of Coleorton residents, especially the young and older residents wanting to downsize, couldn't afford. Effectively this is turning Coleorton into a dormitory town for Leicester, Derby and Nottingham.Of course the flip side is that some Coleorton householders see an opportunity to make a bit of money from developing in their back garden. Sometimes this money is needed to supplement tiny pensions.

You can see current planning applications from links on this page. If you have an objection or comments to make on a particular application you can make comments on-line or by letter to the NWLDC planning people. You need to do this within the timeframe shown on the application. These comments are taken notice of by the planners and the district councillors on the Planning Committee.

Currently (March 2017) there is a petition set up to object to building along the north side of Lower Moor Road. The Post Office have copies if you are interested.

Diversion of footpath by the Woolrooms

An application has been made to divert part of footpath M75 running by Bensons Cottage in the Woolrooms. See the following notice and map (these are jpgs):

This is the decision made (jpg) >>

Comments or objections to be made in writing to Leicestershire County Council by 21 April 2017 (details on the notice).


HS2 routes near Measham

The consultation, below, on proposed route changes is closed. However, MAPA (Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey) HS2 Action are concerned about the outcome and lack on proper consultation. They are hold in meeting on Tuesday 28 March 7.30 at Measham Leisure Centre. Read letter from the Chair of the action group:

I am the Chair of Mapa (Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey) HS2 Action. We are a community group which was formed to represent the concerns of local residents to the proposed reroute of the HS2 line to the East of Appleby Magna and Measham. This also brought the line closer to Austrey and Packington. We have a website at Our organisation has representatives from all four Parish Councils on its committee. We recently responded to the consultation held by the government / HS2 to consider this changed route to which we are opposed. You can download our response, which we hope you will find of interest, at .

Our members are overwhelmingly opposed to HS2 whatever the route ? however the government is no longer asking for our views on this issue. Our response to the route consultation focussed on the problems that would be caused by this proposed route (including going through open countryside to the East of Appleby and Measham; trapping communities between the motorway and the railway; impact of noise on residents, schools and other facilities including a cemetery and burial ground; and on historic and environmental features and on large numbers of local jobs and businesses). All routes affect communities and valued features of our local villages and countryside and we did not propose an alternative route.

I am writing to ensure that you are aware of the current situation. You may know that HS2 gave consideration in 2012 / 2013 to a route (then called HSL08) which would have taken it nearer to your community. This route was rejected in 2013 in favour of what was then the preferred route along the motorway (M42 / A42). However, in 2016, we were faced with a route which had also been rejected at that time. This had been promoted by our MP, Andrew Bridgen, and others who had not discussed it with the communities it would affect. I would not want other communities to be faced with a similar situation. Andrew Bridgen is now arguing for other routes to be considered (

The route consultation has now closed and we are considering what we should be doing for the next stage of our campaign. We are having an open committee meeting next Tuesday 28th March at 7.30pm in Measham Leisure Centre (in the bar area) and would welcome the participation of anyone who wants to be involved. If I can provide any further information or if you want to share the views of your Council on HS2 and any action you have taken please do get in touch.

Sonia Liff

HS2 update 27/01/2017

The consultation on the changes to the proposed routes is open until 9th March 2017.

Read the Consultation Paper here >>. These new routes cover an alternative route to the south and east of Measham and changes to avoid a tunnel under the East Midlands Airport.
The consultation period ends 9 March 2017 so if you have any comments on the proposed new routes make contact as described in the link below. Anyone can contribute to the consultation. The Parish Council are not responding as the route changes do not affect the parish directly, however, it might be useful if you copy your comments to the Parish Council and to Andrew Bridgen, MP for NW Leics.

Route refinement consultation document inc maps (pdf) >>

Update September 2015

Latest news about the planned new high-speed railway. Includes details of expected benefits and jobs to the area. Useful links for more detailed info. HS2 Update (pdf) >>

HS2 initial proposal

As you have no doubt heard the proposed HS2 super-fast train route cuts through the very northern part of Coleorton Parish. Basically the section of the route from Birmingham up to Nottingham follows the M42/A42. It will follow various cuttings, embankments and viaducts past Measham, a new roundabout will be built at J13 with the HS2 going under it, then through most northern part of Coleorton parish by Lount, along by Worthington and thereafter under the airport on its way to Sheffield and Leeds. There will be some disruption with redesign of J13 and how the A511 and A512 connect in.  Full maps can be seen and downloaded at

The official government site for HS2 is

High Speed two Consultation

The consultation closed on 31st January 2014.

All the consultation documents and the response form can be found at  or telephone 0300 123 1102. A reference copy has also been provided to libraries and Citizen Advice Bureaux along the proposed route. In Leicestershire these can be found at Ashby De La Zouch, Castle Donington, Coalville, Ibstock, Kegworth and Melbourne Library. Ashby Outreach Centre and Castle Donington Volunteer Bureau.

If you have any concerns about the impact on Coleorton Parish please email our Parish Clerk. Obviously the Parish Council can't take on the whole concept or other parts of the route.

More links with information about HS2 proposals and reactions:

Local Plan

The District council is preparing a new Local Plan which sets out where development should take place over the next 15 to 20 years. This is an important document which will be used to direct planning decisions which may affect you. NWLDC held a public consultation (which is now closed) inviting comments from all members of the public, businesses and organisations in NW Leicestershire.

They have considered the many responses to the consultation and details of the published Local Plan (June 2016) can be found here:

Rural Housing Needs Survey

Results of the NWLDC Rural Housing Needs Survey which took place in December 2014 and January 2015 have been published. 490 surveys were sent out to households in Coleorton parish. 138 responses were received  - approximately 30 percent. The majority of responses came from people who have lived in the parish for over 10 years and would therefore have a more comprehensive understanding of local issues.

Download the report >>

The Localism Bill

The Localism Bill was passed during November 2010 and impacts local planning and development. The Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils has compiled a Plain English Guide to the Localism Bill (pdf) >>

Other planning issues:

House Prices

Average house prices in and around Coleorton, Leicestershire in the past 6 months are as follows:


HS2 Proposals

Datasets & Statistics for NW Leicestershire >>
(wide variety of info about people, business etc. provided as Excel spreadsheets)