Wednesday 27 May Annual Parish Council Meeting at 6.30pm followed by
the Parish Council meeting at 7.00pm.

In accordance with government guidelines the Parish Council meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice.

Coleorton's Annual Parish Council Meeting Abandoned

On Wednesday May 27th we had to make the regrettable decision to abandon the meeting which was all set up to take place via Zoom. Transmission appeared to allow some members of the public and councillors in but omitted entrance to others, hence we did not have a full council. Various people tried several times to gain access but by 7pm the decision was made to reschedule, we had no choice. We thank the members of public who joined us and express our sincere apologies, but it was out of our hands.

As clerk I will be sending details of the revised date, time, and new logging in details as soon as these are available.

Barbara Whitehouse
Parish Clerk

Due to Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions the Council will meet via Zoom. If you have any questions or would like to join in contact the Parish Clerk at

How it works: Zoom is a free Application found via the internet. You just have to download the application and register.

This means you can participate in the meeting while remaining safe in your own home. The process is you log in to Zoom user id and password will be provided.

You will be held in a virtual waiting room, the host (Parish Clerk) invites you to join the meeting.

The Parish Council Agenda has an allocated slot of 15 minutes for members of the public to raise matters. However, as this meeting will be held via Zoom (meaning your face comes up on the scene) it is highly unlikely that the Parish Council Chair will be able to see everyone at once. This means giving the Chair time to see you and ask you to speak. After the end of the period for public consultation attendees other than Councillors will be muted.

If you don't want to or cannot use Zoom and have something to say or a question about an agenda item email the Parish Clerk before the meeting so your views can be included.


Agenda with additional notes suitable for printing (pdf) >>

Annual Parish Council meeting

Vice chair opening APCM

  1. a. Election of Chair
    b. Appointment of Vice Chair
  2. Update on new South Ward Councillor - casual vacancy position
  3. Declaration forms (acceptance of office)
  4. Parish Council meeting

  5. New Chair opens the meeting
  6. To receive apologies for absence and to accept them if appropriate.
  7. Policy on recording of meetings. Members of the public are entitled to record the meeting and requested not to record other members of the public and not to use recordings inappropriately or out of sequence. Read policy >>
  8. To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest relating to items on the agenda
  9. To approve and sign the minutes of the Council on 22 April (conducted via Zoom). Councillors are requested to read through the draft minutes in preparation for the meeting.
  10. Police matters: The Police have been invited to address the meeting or submit a written report on Police Matters in the Parish.
  11. Period for public participation:
    1. Receive representations, questions or evidence regarding matters on the agenda from the public (15 mins)
    2. Correspondence: emails from parishioners
  12. Receive reports from Parish organisations and Council appointments
    Report received from Council's webmaster
  13. Summary of past twelve months Parish Council Activity
    Joint feedback from Chair & retiring clerk AH
  14. On-going Matters:
    1. Enrichment and 3 Year Plan
    2. Beaumont Centre
    3. Millennium Gardens
    4. Gazebos - storage facility, purchase requirements. Update
    5. Railings - ownership and maintenance update (if any)
    6. Fish Pond bridge update from SD on behalf of Coleorton Heritage Group
    7. Bakehouse - confirming ground maintenance program and start date (if available)
    8. Coleorton Wood
      Signage (going forward)
      Stile (email)
    9. Coleorton Wood Carpark update (if available)
    10. Bulbs
    11. Post Covid 19 Celebration - forward planning suggestions
    12. Coleorton Christmas forward planning update (if available)
    13. Community Response Plan
      • Covid 19 Coleorton response team
      • Emergency generator
    14. Peggs Green rec
      • youth group (info if available) update
      • Inspection completed May 2020
    15. HS2 (to retain on agenda)
    16. Forrester Close Play Area (info if available)
    17. Fly Tipping, Litter (none reported at present Thursday 7th May)
      Litter pick (to retain on the agenda)
    18. Handyman
    19. Speed camera location maintenance plan
    20. Coleorton Parish Boundaries (to retain on the agenda)
    21. Pitt Lane (update if available)
    22. Coleorton corporate email address. (if info available)

  15. Clerks Report

    1. Planning Applications District Council planning website >>
      Applications may come in to be read out at the meeting.  
      Applications considered between meetings 22.4.20 - 27.5.20
      Creation of new agricultural access track and hard surfacing. Location: Breach Farm Leicester Road New Packington Ashby De La Zouch
      Erection of steel framed building for the storing and seasoning of firewood (Prior Notification) Location: The Sawmill Rempstone Road Coleorton LE67 8HR
      Kings Arms Coleorton, Single dwelling with garage and two car spaces to the rear of the Kings Arms.
      Withdrawal notification
      20/00400/FUL Conversion of agricultural buildings into two dwellings, erection of two no. detached garages with accommodation above, erection of machine store and demolition of portal framed agricultural buildings and grain stores. Location: Moor Lane Farm 58 Moor Lane Coleorton Coalville
      Decisions notified
      TPO 484
      No objections have been received; the order confirmed on May 8th 2019 without modification
    2. Finance
      • Approval of payments
      • Receipts (precept & Council Tax Support Grant) 7197.13
      • Annual return (draft) to consider and approve
      • To consider and approve the Certificate of Exception from a limited assurance review for 2019/20
      • To consider and approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2019/20
      • To consider and approve the Accounting Statements for 2019/20
      • The following to consider and approve for publication on the website:
        • Receipt and Payments 2019-20
        • Receipts greater than 100
        • Payments greater than 100
        • Bank reconciliation 2019-20
        • Explanation of variances 2019-20
        • Asset Register at 31 March 2020
      • Appointment of the Internal Auditor for 2020/21 Approval for the budget to be published on the parish council website
      • Internal Audit report requires approval for publication on website
      • To decide on payment of Chair?s expenses for 2020/21
      • To consider and approve the forms for the Exercise of Public Rights 2020/21
      • Bank Mandate
  17. Bacs
  18. Standing Orders
  19. Next Parish Council Meeting: Wednesday June 24th 7pm


Documents for the meeting

You are very welcome to attend and see what goes on and make comments on any item on the Agenda. If you wish to raise a topic for the Agenda for a future meeting you should contact the Parish Clerk, at least 5 days before the meeting.

For more information on Coleorton Parish Council contact the Parish Clerk to discuss any Parish related issue.

Contact details for the Parish Council >>

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