Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 22 August 2019 7.30pm

at The Beaumont Centre, Nottingham Road, Peggs Green


  1. To receive apologies for absence and to accept them if appropriate.
  2. Policy on recording of meetings Read policy >>
  3. To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest relating to items on the agenda
  4. Police matters: The Police have been invited to address the meeting or submit a written report on Police Matters in the Parish
  5. Period for public participation: Receive representations, questions or evidence regarding matters on the agenda from the public (15 mins)
  6. Receive reports from Parish organisations and Council appointments
    • Council's webmaster
  7. To approve and sign the minutes of the Council on 27 June
  8. HS2
  9. Enrichment
    • Infrastructure and repairs
    • Additional items to improve the village experience
    • Social and supportive initiatives
    • Communication with the local residents
    • Coleorton Christmas
  10. Autumn Litterpick
  11. Legal Services Tender
  12. Notice Board - Coleorton Hall
  13. Remembrance Day arrangements including lamppost poppies
  14. Financial Management and Practice
  15. On-going Matters:
    1. Junction of New Road, Loughborough Road, Church Hill
    2. Community Response Plan
      • Equipment list and use of emergency generator
    3. Peggs Green Rec
      • Play Equipment / surface
      • Mole Hills
    4. Coleorton Parish Boundaries - altering to incorporate the whole village
    5. Pitt Lane
      • easement and 17/01511/FUL
      • request to install utilities
    6. Grit box requests - Stoney Lane & Farm Town
    7. Bakehouse
    8. Coleorton Wood
    9. Forrester Close Play Area
    10. Trees Behind Overton Close
    11. Fly Tipping, Litter, Request for Litter Bin - Farm Town & Church Town
    12. Planters
    13. Beaumont Centre
    14. Grit Bin & Waste Bins Farm Town, Church Town
    15. Speeding and Speed Activated Sign
    16. Millennium Garden

  16. Clerks Report - Download report >>
    1. Planning Applications District Council planning website >>
      19/01452/FUL - Erection of one dwelling and associated garaging, White Gables Lower Moor Road Coleorton
      19/01530/FUL - Alteration to existing out-building/gym, erection of detached garage, erection of two storey side/rear extension and single storey rear extension with balcony and formation of a new access - Hillview House 85 Loughborough Road Coleorton
      Applications considered between meetings
      19/01156/FUL - Proposed one and a half storey rear extension and erection of new detached double garage, Homelands 35 Zion Hill Peggs Green Coleorton
      19/01383/FUL - Erection of single storey garage, single storey rear extension and alteration to front boundary wall, Rectory Lodge Ashby Road Coleorton
      19/01235/FUL - Erection of one dwelling and one replacement dwelling, 120 The Moor Coleorton
      19/01393/FUL - Proposed erection of a detached garage, gym, hot tub, studio + BBQ area - Fishpond Cottage Ashby Road Coleorton
      19/01402/FUL - Two storey rear extension - Minerva Cottage Lower Moor Road Coleorton
      19/00652/FULM - Hybrid planning application for redevelopment of the site comprising: Outline application (all matters reserved) for the erection of Class B8 distribution unit(s) and ancillary offices (B1a), service yards and HGV parking and attendant services - Former Lounge Disposal Point Ashby Road Coleorton Leicestershire
      Decisions notified
      19/01126/FUL - Erection of a single storey side extension, conversion of existing garage into living accommodation and insertion of bay window Mulberry House Lower Moor Road Coleorton. Granted.
      19/01241/FUL - Insertion of entrance door (side elevation of existing dwelling/house), The Bakery Farm Town Lane Farm Town Coleorton. Granted.
      19/00796/FUL - Erection of two storey side and rear extensions and other external alterations, Wall End House 24 Moor Lane Coleorton. Granted.
    2. Finance
      • Approval of payments
      • Banking Arrangements
      • Bank Balances
      • Bank Reconciliation
      • Budget Report
      • Risk Assessmnet
    3. Complaints Policy
  17. Correspondence: None
  18. Next Meeting: Thursday 3 October 2019 7.30pm

Documents for the meeting

You are very welcome to attend and see what goes on and make comments on any item on the Agenda. If you wish to raise a topic for the Agenda for a future meeting you should contact the Parish Clerk,, at least 5 days before the meeting.

For more information on Coleorton Parish Council contact the Parish Clerk to discuss any Parish related issue.

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