Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 16th August

7.30pm at The Beaumont Centre, Nottingham Road, Peggs Green


See Clerks report (below) for background to agenda items.

  1. To receive apologies for absence and to accept them if appropriate
  2. Policy on recording of meetings
  3. To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest relating to items on the agenda
  4. Police matters: The Police have been invited to address the meeting or submit a written report on Police Matters in the Parish.(see below for Police report)
  5. Period for public participation: Receive representations, questions or evidence regarding matters on the agenda from the public (15 mins)
  6. Receive reports from Parish organisations and Council appointments
    • Heritage Wardens
    • Council's webmaster
  7. To approve and sign the minutes of Parish Council meeting 28th June
  8. Bradfords Lane - sign
  9. Forrester - Close play area
  10. Dog fouling signs

  12. On-going Matters
    1. Neighbourhood Plan
    2. Junction of New Road, Loughborough Road, Church Hill
    3. St Mary's Church Donation
    4. Community Response Plan
      • Equipment List and use of emergency generator
    5. Peggs Green Rec
      • Play equipment inspection
    6. War Memorial
    7. Fly Tipping - Cork Screw Lane
    8. Parish Notice Boards - refurbishment
    9. Defibrillator
    10. Projects to Improve the Parish
    11. Coleorton Parish Boundaries - altering to incorporate the whole village
    12. Pitt Lane - easement fee
    13. Grit Box
    14. Bakehouse
    15. World War One - Centenary Celebration
    16. Highways Matters - Farmtown & A512 Speeding
    17. Coleorton Wood
    18. Motorbikes in Farm Town
    19. Community Policing
    20. Trees behind Overton Close
    21. HS2
    22. Bonfires
  13. Clerk's report
    Download report
    1. Planning Applications:
      Full details of current planning applications can be accessed via the District Council Planning page >>

      Applications considered between meetings:
      18/01081/FUL - Erection of detached dwelling and alterations to the existing access White Gables, Lower Moor Road, Coleorton.
      18/01085/TPO - Felling of 2 no. Ash trees and works to 1 no. Yew tree (Protected by TPO 127) The Firs, 142 The Moor, Coleorton.
      18/00861/VCU - Variation of condition 3 of planning permission 16/00558/OUT to allow for a revised layout (resiting of dwelling and garage Land Adjoining The Cottages, Stoney Lane, Coleorton).
      18/01216/VCI - Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission reference 17/01599/VCI to incorporate alterations for a proposed garden store to the rear of plots 2's garage - Land Adjacent To Wilford House, Loughborough Road, Coleorton
      18/00557/FUL - Demolition of existing joiners workshop and stores and erection of new two storey dwelling - Wayside Cottage, Loughborough Road, Coleorton
      18/00812/REM - Erection of dwelling and garage (plot 1) (Reserved matters to outline planning permission 16/00558/OUT) - Land Adjoining The Cottages, Stoney Lane, Coleorton
      18/00813/FUL - Erection of two-storey dwelling and garage - land Adjoining The Cottages, Stoney Lane, Coleorton
      Decisions notified:
      18/00713/FUL - Erection of two storey and single storey rear side extensions and detached garage - 1 - 2 The Cottages, Stoney Lane, Coleorton - granted
      17/00019 FUL - Variation of condition 2 to planning permission ref: 17/00019/FUL to re-position the dwelling to the west at Birch Cottage Lower Moor Road Coleorton - granted
      17/01511/FUL - Erection of one detached two storey dwelling Land At, Pitt Lane, Coleorton - granted
      18/00900/FUL - Erection detached dwelling and garage - Land Off Tugbys Lane, Zion Hill, Peggs Green, Coleorton - granted
    2. Finance
      • Approval of payments
      • Internal Auditor
      • Green shoots grant
      • Reserves policy
  14. Correspondence:
    • Planning policy - green spaces
    • Naturespo
  15. Next Meeting Thursday 27 September 7.30 at The Beaumont Centre, Peggs Green

Documents for the meeting

You are very welcome to attend and see what goes on and make comments on any item on the Agenda. If you wish to raise a topic for the Agenda for a future meeting you should contact the Parish Clerk,, at least 5 days before the meeting.

For more information on Coleorton Parish Council contact the Parish Clerk to discuss any Parish related issue.

Contact details for the Parish Council >>

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