Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Heritage Wardens

Heritage Report for July 2017

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Progress at Coleorton Wood

We have had only two work sessions since the last meeting in May and these have been spent strimming and raking off a number of areas, some to make sure the paths are clear. We have also sorted some of the cut timber from the fallen trees which we will be using to make rest benches (benches without a back) for LCC at Snibston.

The Group is investigating the purchase of equipment which will allow us to manufacture cut timber (planks) from the fallen or cut trees, thus making this wood more useful.

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New Lount Nature Reserve

We have spent some time repairing areas of the perimeter fencing. We have strimmed and raked off a number of areas mainly beside paths and the picnic areas. We have added wire mesh to the small boardwalk beside the top pond to improve safety in wet weather. We have also cleared the areas of Ragwort, which has grown very well this year (this is a controlled plant).

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The Workshop Group

The Workshop Group has completed the manufacture of a number of wooden mushrooms and we have started to manufacture the rest benches for LCC at Snibston. We have completed the manufacture of the marker posts for New Lount and some of these have been installed on-site.

Group Plant Sales

The Volunteer Group's two plant sales were held in May and raised over 800. The events were well attended despite the appalling weather, it rained!

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Newbold Heritage Group

The New Lount Colliery Heritage Trail was officially opened on Saturday 13th May by Charlie Beresford an ex-collier from New Lount Colliery. The event was extremely well attended and there has since been a great interest in the heritage trail; all the feedback has been extremely positive. I have entered this Project into the Rural Community Council?s 2017 Awards, in the Community Engagement category.

List of Local Heritage Assets

NWLDC are inviting nominations for local heritage assets, which are currently not included in Historic England's listings. I have asked the Coleorton Heritage Group if they wish to submit any nominations.(Note: actively being considered by CHG.)

War Memorial Cleaning/Restoration

I have now submitted a "pre-application" to the War Memorials Trust on the basis that the Parish Council will accept the Barham Stone Ltd's quotation for this work. If this pre-application is accepted then we will be asked to make an official application for funding support for the project, which could be up to 75% of the costs.

We are looking for the project to be carried out in two phases:-

Phase 1 will be to have the war memorial cleaned and the lettering inspected to assess what recutting is required - Cost 800 + VAT

Phase 2 would be to get the necessary letters re-cut - The maximum Cost for this is 1,520 + VAT

The WMT have indicated that they will accept this project as a two phase project and would be able to assist with funding for both phases up to a level of 75% of the costs.

It is targeted to have the project complete by the end of 2017.

Ashby Museum

The display on "A Brief History of St Mary's Church" is due to be changed in August to "Childhood in Coleorton (1920 - 1990)", and I am looking to find suitable material for this theme. If you have any photos or stories which could be included please email This display will be changed in September to feature Coleorton in WW1.

Ashby Museum >>

Replanting the Post Office Field

Angus Hancock has submitted a report to the Parish Council in the form of a letter. As a result I am investigating the costs involved with training for removing wind thrown trees with chainsaws.

Millennium Garden

I have sprayed the Millennium Garden although the continued dry weather after the treatment reduced the effect of the herbicide. The main issue was moss between the brickwork of the path, some of which I have removed manually. The garden requires to be maintained on a regular basis and as it is a small garden this should be easily possible.

(John Macdonald July 2017)

Coleorton Parish have two Heritage Wardens -
John MacDonald and Rob Oldham.

John Macdonald has recently retired from running his own consultancy business, where he was involved in the food manufacturing industry. John and his family have lived in Coleorton for nearly 20 years. John is involved with various projects with the Swannington Heritage Trust and is working with the Council on the management plans for Coleorton Wood. A keen genealogist, John likes to research into the history and heritage of family members to understand “what life was like when they were alive”. John is a member of the RSPB and has always had a keen interest in natural history and the countryside. email John MacDonald

Rob Oldham is a retired academic, previously based at De Montfort University in Leicester, where he worked in ecology, especially in respect of amphibians. He continues to study amphibians in Coleorton, especially the common toad and the crested newt. He served as secretary of the Coleorton Millennium Committee and was involved with the development of the Coleorton Heritage Trail. email Rob Oldham.

The Heritage Wardens work closely with The Coleorton Heritage Group and The Coleorton & New Lount Volunteer Group.


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