Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Coleorton Heritage Group

The Coleorton 2000 Committee was initiated in 1998 to devise a way of commemorating the new millennium.  It developed the Millennium Garden in a plot of land kindly donated by Joan Cull, erected a commemorative sign and organised various associated celebrations and events.

More recently the group has been concerned with researching, recording and making publicly available local heritage, social, industrial and family history. We also support various restoration projects, for example the Bakehouse. So the name was changed to "The Coleorton Heritage Group".

Information from
or phone the Chair, Ann Stafford, on 01530 817695

The next Coleorton Heritage Group meeting will be on Wednesday 7 March 2018

Venue: The Rectory, Old Ashby Road, Coleorton

If you're interested in local history and would like to be involved with our group please come along especially if you have photos or memories you'd like to share. New attendees should email or phone Ann Stafford on 01530 817695 so we can put you on the mailing list and alert you to any last-minute changes of meeting time / date / venue.

Blue Plaques for Coleorton's Special Buildings

Message from Ann Stafford, Chair of Coleorton Heritage Group

The Coleorton Heritage Group exists to preserve the heritage of our wonderful village by researching, documenting and publishing historical material. Some time ago we were asked if it would be possible to site blue plaques - as seen on many historical buildings and sites up and down the country - around the village of Coleorton.

blue plaque at ThringstoneWe are pleased and proud to say that this initiative is coming to life and we will soon be placing some plaques around the village. These plaques will give a brief history of the site and/or building and we hope will stimulate more interest in Coleorton's heritage among residents, locals and tourists. If you would like to get an idea of what the plaques look like, there are similar installations in and around the village of Thringstone like the one shown here on the left. We will include a link to the website where people can read more details of the property's history.

We already have a list of some historically significant sites for future installations, but we would like to ask local residents if they believe their property or site should be considered for a blue plaque, or if indeed you would like to make a suggestion for anywhere in the village that would be applicable.

Funding is available so we are not asking property owners to pay for the plaques or installation and it is anticipated that we will hold opening ceremonies at each site and issue press releases for local publications.

If you would like to be part of this great initiative, please contact with your suggestions.

We will keep you up to date with the program here on this website and via the Coleorton email newsletter.

Memories of Coleorton edition 2"Memories of Coleorton" - Second Edition

Coleorton Heritage Group has published an updated edition of the book "Memories of Coleorton - Reminiscences of the Residents" which was first published in November 2015. (Pictures of the book launch in November 2015). This fabulous book of memories of village residents was so successful it is now in its second edition with many additional photographs and interesting memoirs of local people and places, keeping the history of our great village alive for us and future generations!
Books are available now to purchase for 20 from Coleorton Post Office, Ashby Museum or call Elaine and Rob Oldham on 01530 412967 or Mike Cox on 01530 813743 or email

Coleorton "Snapshot in Time"

It's not always easy to picture the village as it was around 50 years ago from the few photos that we have, and in another 50 years the people living here then might find it hard to imagine what the Coleorton of today looked like.

We would like to create a "Snapshot in Time" of the village today by taking a photograph of every house / site as it is now and we would be delighted if you would be prepared to take part in this initiative. What we would like you to do is to take a photo (digital or hard copy) of your property and either email photos to the Heritage Group at or put the actual hard copy photo into a box the Post Office in Lower Moor Road. And if you have any particular memories to share, or snippets of information about your house or locality that should be preserved, please do put a note on your photograph or email.

The preserved picture of our village is heritage we can and must create for future generations.

Disclaimer: By supplying photographs, either digital or hard copy, and other information implies that you are happy for this information to be used by the Heritage Group in future publications, on the Parish website or any other medium which the Group feels is appropriate for the preservation of our village history.

For details contact Ann Stafford on or phone 01530 817695

Corporal ToonColeorton man awarded the Military Medal

Stories of previous Coleorton residents are always interesting. Terry Ward discovered an article in the Coalville Times of 4 February 1916 about Coleorton man Corporal Toon who was awarded the Military Medal. Read more about Corporal Toon >>.

Further Wartime Memories can be found in the Coleorton Heritage Group's beautifully illustrated book "Memories of Coleorton" (new edition) see above.

Village Voices Project

The Heritage Group contributed to the East Midlands Oral History Archive which has now been completed. To learn more about the project and to listen to examples of Coleorton and other Leicestershire dialects click here >>

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Children in fancy dress joined in the paradeSaturday the 16th of June 2012 was an extremely wet, windy and dismal day until a large part of Coleorton turned out to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. What turned out to be a fantastic day started at 1pm when most of the village children and their parents arrived at the Kings Arms, dressed as Kings and Queens or in 1952’s fashion and wheeling their decorated bikes and scooters. Handed out Kazoos brought atmosphere and noise to the parade which seemed to stretch the length of The Moor. Many houses along The Moor had been decorated and residents braved the weather to watch the parade pass.

Read more and pictures >>


Village Photo Archive

The Coleorton Heritage Group has a collection of several hundred photographs, both historical and contemporary.  Unfortunately many of them are not dated and not all details of the subject matter are recorded.  This applies especially to old group photographs, a few of which are attached below.  The Committee would be very grateful if you could provide the names of any of the people on the photographs and also, of course, if you could contribute additional photographs for us to copy, especially old ones.


Viscount Beaumont School 1922

Viscount Beaumont School 1922