Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Broadband in Coleorton - earlier stories


Leicestershire Council’s superfast broadband (SFB)

Leicestershire Council’s superfast broadband (SFB) project is explained at It may bring benefits to Coleorton residents on the Coalville and Ashby exchanges, but unlikely to help people connected to Osgathorpe, at least within this project. There is a map on their website which shows which areas are part of the project but it is not right down to post code or premise level yet. It will be refined during the next few months so we’ll be able to see if and when the fibre roll-out will reach us. There are regular forums for the council & BT to update us with progress and to answer questions. Coleorton Parish webmaster will be attending as many of these as possible.

Broadband Jargon buster & FAQs

Don’t know your FTTP from your FTTC or your NGA from your SFB? Leicester County Council have a FAQ document on their broadband website which explains some things and what they are trying to achieve. (Note: not a very good pdf doc - so try playing with the zoom if the text isn’t clear.)


Public Accounts Committee Report on BDUK

Even as the Government’s rural broadband initiative BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) is just beginning to be implemented there is official criticism. Nothing really unexpected. The scheme was obviously going to benefit the incumbent suppliers - BT and Virgin - being the only players with sufficient local infrastructure to roll out further at the edges.

Here is a summary which includes links to the report:

Hopefully the increase in investment will benefit some rural communities and businesses however funded (we don’t care so long as we get decent speed at a fair price). Maybe another strategy could have benefited a wider community. We may have to wait for the next round in 2015.


16.9m broadband boost for Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council today signed a 16.9m contract with BT at Foxton Locks to deliver fibre-broadband across Leicestershire. This will ensure 95% of premises can access fibre broadband. The rollout will commence in summer 2014 and take 2 years to complete.

The contract will also ensure all premises in Leicester and Leicestershire will be able to access a basic broadband service of 2Mbit/s”

Here is the press release from LCC >>

Talks a lot about the investment and expected commercial & business benefits but doesn’t actually echo the statement above which was sent out from LCC Broadband Project Manager.

We’ll believe it when we see at least 2Mb in Coleorton Moor - which currents gets less than 1Mb and when Osgathorpe exchange appears on the schedule for fibre upgrade. Coleorton parish council will attend the Broadband Project Stakeholders meetings, see what we can do to influence things our way and report back.

As we were (August 2013)

Currently Coleorton parish is served by 3 BT exchanges:

  • Osgathorpe
  • Coalville
  • Ashby

You can find out what exchange you are connected to and what broadband speed you are likely to get at:

Speed and performance provided experienced by businesses and householders depends on

  1. facilities at the BT exchanges
  2. distance from exchanges
  3. quality and condition of the cabling from the exchange to the cabinet in the street and from the cabinet to the premises.
  4. quality and condition of onsite wiring and equipment.

Various suppliers offer services based on the BT exchanges, either by reselling the BT service or by adding some additional equipment located in the exchange but using the BT cable to the premises (Local Loop Unbundling or LLU). The same performance issues apply to these services as to broadband direct from BT i.e. they are very much distance related.

Most locations within Coleorton parish are too far away from an exchange to get high speed broadband regardless of the facilities at the exchange. Coalville and Ashby have the capability to support fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and indeed supply these services in the towns. BT or another provider must lay fibre to service areas further away and they will only do this where they see a commercial return.

Alternatively cable TV – i.e. Virgin Media – would provide faster broadband where they have laid cable in the street. (Not sure where if anywhere in Coleorton this might be).

Local achieved speeds


Expected & achieved speeds in an around Coleorton (Ashby, Coalville, Osgathorpe exchanges) from Thinkbroadband website. Huge discrepancies due mainly to distance from BT exchanges. This isn't going to improve without new technology and/or additional exchanges. Snapshot on 12/08/2013.

Go to to get an up-to-date view.


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