Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Broadband in Coleorton


Fibre to the premises in Coleorton

We've been told by Superfast Leicestershire that some of the fibre which had recently been strung around some parts of Coleorton is now going live.

43 properties can now access superfast broadband through Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), which means they are connected straight from the exchange to their house. Some properties in the postcodes LE67 8HJ, LE67 8HG, LE67 8HL, and LE67 8HN should be able to access speeds of 30Mbps and above.

It's unclear what the relevant BT product would be or whether other ISPs are offering this yet. If you live in one of those postcodes you're probably fed up with snail-paced connections - so give BT or your ISP a call and see what you can get. I'm keen to make sure all residents of Coleorton are getting decent broadband as we've been promised, so please let me know if you're successful in getting 30Mbps plus, or if you are having any difficulties. Email me on


Nationwide Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

If you can't get decent broadband and are trying to run a small business help is at hand. The Nationwide Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS), announced on 15 March 2018, will provide vouchers worth up to 3000 for a small or medium sized business or 500 to residents to help with the costs of connecting to full fibre broadband. The scheme is part of a wider government plan to get more homes and businesses connected to full fibre broadband.

Details of scheme and how to apply >>

Stakeholder meeting

Thursday 28th June 2018 6pm-8pm
County Hall, Glenfield

Presentation from the meeting (pdf) >>

Interactive map >>.


Superfast Leicestershire Project Update November 2017

Better Broadband scheme, Phase 3 and some job opportunities >>


New interactive map showing availability

Superfast Leicestershire have launched an interactive map showing availability of superfast broadband and approximate prospective implementation dates if not already in place. Open up the map >>


Superfast Leicestershire News for December

Download December newsletter (pdf) >>


Report on Superfast Leicestershire Stakeholder Meeting Monday 5 December

at County Hall, Glenfield, LE3 8RB.

The Superfast team announced an improved interactive map. Go to site and click on the link "go straight to the interactive map" half way down the page. Enter the post code where you want to centre the map, and then you can zoom in/out or move around to get a wider area. Click on the "hamburger" menu and the map key to see what the various colours mean.

It looks like the pale yellow "not spots" within Coleorton parish are:

  • Clay Lane and New Road, and top end of Nottingham Road by the roundabout at Peggs Green
  • Coleorton Hall (although they have a private arrangement with BT)
  • Lount - possibly including The Glaze estate on the old Coleorton Pottery site
  • The Woolrooms (actually in Worthington parish)

In addition there are various areas designated pale pink where the key states "Superfast broadband is available in parts of this area, but some premises may not receive superfast speeds. The County Council is seeking solutions for any unserved properties."

The situation is that under "Contract 1" most Coleorton BT green cabinets have been updated for fibre connections from the various exchanges (Coalville, Ashby, Osgathorpe). There is no further upgrade planned at the moment although Superfast Leicestershire are committed to reviewing all areas with poor speeds. Some areas in Coleorton parish have undoubtedly seen speeds improve dramatically. However, speed drops off with distance from the green cabinet, where the connection from the cabinet to the premises is still using copper cable. So some houses at a distance from the cabinets - even if they are upgraded to FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband are not going to receive "Superfast" speeds. Superfast is considered to be a minimum of 24Mbps download speed. Generally, the upload speed will be 25% or less of the download speed.

Note, even when your local cabinet is FTTC enabled you don't get an upgrade to FTTC automatically. You have to upgrade your broadband account with your ISP (BT, TalkTalk, ENTAnet etc). They will also be able to confirm what improvement in download/upload speeds you are likely to get.

The Superfast Leicestershire project is now well into "Contract 2" with many other villages now getting access to FTTC broadband. There are some difficult areas which are being covered by wireless and other technologies. But these rely on a service provider being active in that area.

The next phase of the project is to address the remaining 4% of premises which are still not getting Superfast broadband. The meeting this week didn't significantly move the story forward. The December meeting presentation docs are not available on their website. (Get the July 2016 PowerPoint presentation at

However, the story appears to be that the Government are committed to everyone getting 10Mbps and LeicsCC say everyone should get 24Mbps (which is how Superfast is defined). There?s not a lot more BT or others can do without new technology, but this is on its way. There is something called "Long Reach VDSL" which should bring faster broadband over longer distances of copper. VDSL is an internationally agreed standard. See

VDSL is deployed in other countries (New Zealand, Sweden?). BT are saying they are doing research into implementing it in the UK.

So for those of you who are now getting Superfast broadband speeds - you can be grateful for the rather convoluted BDUK project that this government set up to encourage providers (mainly BT) to roll out fibre technology earlier than they would have done in areas commercially not viable. For those still struggling - sorry guys - it's "watch this space". However, do make sure you check with BT (or your ISP) whether an FTTC contract will help you, and also make sure you have a good-quality router and cabling within your premises. Also make sure you don't have any malware (or peer-to-peer transfers etc.) messing up your performance.


Project investigating broadband speed inequality in Leicestershire

Ella Barrett is a second-year student at the University of Leicester. She is undertaking research for her dissertation investigating the extent to which there is broadband speed inequality in Leicestershire. She is also looking at how low speeds affect lives and work.

She's looking for people willing to participate in a live interview, either at Leicester or via Skype, although other arrangements can be made. Read the overview of her project including confidentiality assurance >>

If you'd like to be involved please contact Ella on or phone her on 07508492390. She will send you a list of questions so you can think about your answers and arrange a suitable interview time and place.


Superfast Update

Sandra Dillon - Coleorton webmaster

I attended the Superfast Leicestershire Forum meeting on Tuesday 19 July and as promised here is an update on the current situation:

  1. The upgrade program to the BT exchanges and cabinets that serve Coleorton is complete. In theory everyone in Coleorton parish should be able to receive at least 2Mbps if they upgrade to a fibre package.
  2. Leicestershire County Council are now focussing on "the last 4%" of premises in the county that cannot yet get at least 2Mbps.
  3. People who are still getting less that 2Mbps can apply for a voucher to have an alternative technology solution installed - e.g. wireless, satellite. This is called the "Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme"

Read the presentation from the meeting >>

The upgrades we had were part of Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) project, funded locally by Leicestershire County Council, NW Leicestershire District Council, various EU and government funding programmes. That is now complete, but there are other initiatives and commitments from the government as part of The Digital Economy Bill announced in July. This includes a Universal Service Obligation to provide a minimum of 10Mbps to all householders. It's unclear how or when this will be implemented.

Further information and observations at Coleorton Broadband update August 2016

If you are not able to get 2Mbps broadband let me know.


Superfast Leicestershire Forum

It's been very quiet since the cabinets connected to Osgathorpe, Coalville and Ashby exchanges were upgraded to fibre last year. Undoubtedly some residents, those close to the upgraded cabinets, will now be receiving a decent service. However, there may be some areas in the parish which are not getting "Superfast". Where I am in Peggs Green we're getting 5Mb on standard broadband and would only get 11Mb if we upgraded to fibre so haven't bothered so far.

There's a Superfast Leicestershire Forum meeting on Tuesday 19 July which I will attend to see if there's any news. I will report back.

So I can go armed, it would be useful if you could let me know what speed you get, your service provider, if you have taken up the fibre option, quality of service and your postcode. Email me, Sandra Dillon, at

Superfast Leicestershire logo


Osgathorpe cabinet 4 live

Osgathorpe cabinet 4 has gone live. This is the one that serves Peggs Green, Griffydam and some of the houses on the A512 from the round-about to the George & Dragon.

Cabinet 4 is located at the junction of Rempstone Road and Top Road which means that people in Peggs Green are not going to get lightening speeds because of the length of copper cable from the cabinet to the house.

To check what you can get enter your BT phone no or post-code here  and contact your supplier for deals and expected speeds.


400 homes connected in Coleorton

The cabinet that was installed at the end of last year (see story below) has enabled more than 400 homes and businesses in Coleorton to have superfast broadband. But you must sign up for a new contract if you want to get the superfast speeds. Contact your existing broadband supplier or BT for details of packages available.

If you have questions about fibre broadband check out the Superfast Leicestershire FAQ page >>


Superfast Extension Programme signed

A 9.2 million contract to expand high-speed broadband to even more rural communities across Leicestershire was signed today. The partnership between Leicestershire County Council and BT will see more than 10,000 extra homes and businesses get access to fibre broadband technology as part of the Government’s Superfast Extension Programme. Press release >>


Superfast Leicestershire update

The Superfast Leicestershire team addressed the Stakeholder Forum on Monday 23 February. They explained that the first contract, with BT extending the reach of fibre beyond what they would have done commercially, is well under way due to be completed by March 2016 and a Superfast Extension Programme has been set up. This involves looking at the market - both the suppliers and the prospective customers - and assessing the best way to bring superfast broadband to the residents and businesses still not served. Solutions may include satellite as well as extensions of the fibre network.

Check if / when you can get fibre broadband >>

See the slides from this and previous presentations here

Superfast Leicestershire are also committed to helping residents and businesses in Leicestershire make the most of high-speed broadband. They are funding a number of workshops and courses on the topics of websites, blogs, email and cloud computing. These are free for small-medium businesses and on-man/woman bands located in Leicestershire. They are delivered together with Leicestershire Chamber of commerce and E-Business Club. See these and other events at ( You may have to contribute to some workshops outside of Leicestershire - check criteria for the course you want.)


Osgathorpe Exchange rolls out fibre

Fibre cabinets are being installed in various areas connected to the Osgathorpe exchange including Worthington. There is a cabinet installed at the junction of Top Road and Rempstone Road. So things are moving. Areas of Coleorton inc. Peggs Green, Gelsmoor etc connected to the Osgathorpe Exchange should be on the list soon.


Residents in “white area” to get superfast broadband

The residents of Coleorton Hall, Church Town and Farm Town have signed a private deal with BT to have a superfast hub located near church town. The residents have contributed to the infrastructure with BT covering the large proportion of the cost. These areas are in the the “white areas” on the deployment map which had no forward plan for roll-out of high-speed broadband.


Faster broadband coming to a Green Cabinet near you?

New FTTC cabinetbtcabinetold00872x400

   Fibre-enabled cabinet outside the Kings Arms                   Old BT cabinet a few yards away

Faster fibre broadband has reached some parts of Coleorton. You’ll see a new green cabinet, like the one above which is outside the Kings Arms, installed very close to the old cabinet which services your existing phone lines. BT Openreach will have installed fibre from the nearest exchange - in this case Coalville - to the new cabinet. You are probably aware that performance of the old-style broadband over copper cables running from the exchange is very much reduced the further away you are from the exchange. This is why people on Zion Hill in Peggs Green get rather pitiful broadband speeds because of the distance by cable from the Osgathorpe exchange.

The comms characteristics of the optical fibre are such that distance is not such a problem and so effectively  overcomes this distance issue. The effective distance to consider now is that between your house / office and the fibre-enabled cabinet which is still in most cases copper.

See Leicestershire Superfast Broadband FAQ page which includes video explaining how fibre broadband works. Bear in mind in Coleorton we’re only talking about Fibre to the Cabinet service (FTTC) and the speeds quoted are “UP TO” i.e. the speeds you might get if the fibre-enabled cabinet were right outside your door.

So what now?

There has been very little publicity to date but some people at the A511 end of Coleorton have already signed up. You can check if your house or office can get FTTC by entering your postcode at BT’s Openreach checker.

Just because the fibre cabinet is installed doesn’t mean you get fibre broadband automatically. If you want the higher performance available from FTTC you need to order a new broadband contract. You can do this with BT or another service provider. Chances are you’ll be contacted soon with information about their various offerings. Ask your current provider what they offer and also get them to give you an estimate of the speed you are likely to get. As mentioned earlier, the speed you can get will depend largely on the distance from the cabinet. It can also depend on the wiring and infrastructure in your premises.


Superfast Broadband reaching parts of Coleorton

Residents at the Sinope end of Coleorton will have seen the Openreach vans working on installing new fibre cable and new fibre cabinets in the streets. You will be able to sign up to the new service which will cost a little more but should offer much faster broadband speeds than you’ve been getting.

To check when the fibre-to-the-cabinet service will reach you (or if it will reach you) visit You can check your telephone number (BT line no.) and see what the plan is for your area. If your line isn’t already fibre-enabled you can check the “Coming to your area” tab and you can check on the map directly at The areas are colour-coded so you can see the status of fibre implementation.

This project looks like improving things greatly for most of us, and it has kept to it’s original schedule pretty much. Unfortunately the pale yellow areas on the map are the 6% of Leicestershire premises which will still not be fibre-enabled under the Phase 1 & 2 of the current plans. In Coleorton parish the areas of Farm Town, Church town and Coleorton Hall fall in these areas. The Parish Council is in communication with the Superfast Leicestershire team about options but there is nothing definite at the moment.


Stakeholder forum 11 March 2014

The main news is that the coverage of fibre is likely to extend beyond the initial projections. There will be a new website available towards the end of March  devoted to keeping residents up-to-date with plans and progress.
Official update from the meeting (pdf) >>


Superfast Leicestershire

The next Superfast Leicestershire Stakeholder forum meeting  is scheduled for Tuesday 11 March.

Agenda includes:

  • Revised expected coverage maps (including impact of District funding)
  • Superfast Leicestershire website. To go live in early March
  • Communication and demand stimulation approach
  • Final 6% options, including the Government’s Superfast Extension Programme
  • Responses to previous questions

So hopefully we will know something bit more concrete about how the project will affect Coleorton.


Superfast Leicestershire

The Superfast Leicestershire Stakeholder forum meeting scheduled for Tuesday 21st January was been cancelled. This is their “interim update”:

District Funding
District Councils have indicatively allocated a total of 1.15m to extend super-fast broadband into the Final 8%. BT has modelled a solution for each authority and Districts are now considering this. A number of Districts are taking reports for decision over the next few weeks. We have agreed with BT to finalise this process by the end of January. If approved, this funding will extend coverage in to the Final 8%

Communications and Demand Stimulation
We are also in the process of finalising our communications and demand stimulation strategy in advance of the rollout. This includes a new website which will articulate the benefits of super-fast broadband, provide updates on the deployment, enable people to identify if they can receive fibre broadband and how they can receive it, and outline options for the Final 8%. We are expecting to purchase specialist services from BT - including promotional stickers for each upgraded cabinet and a number of full cabinet wraps for ones in strategic locations. We are developing a full communications plan to engage with parishes, businesses and residents to help them know what is happening in their area at key stages.

Final 8%
We expect that our existing contract with BT will extend super-fast broadband to 92% of Leicestershire premises. Leicestershire County Council is keen to extend this as close to 100% as possible. This will be achieved through a combination of additional funding, community-led projects and innovative solutions. We are expecting an announcement from Government in late January/early February regarding the allocation of additional funding. This will inform the approach that LCC takes. One aspect will include the hosting of a series of events for those communities in the Final 8% to help them secure a solution.

Coverage mapping
In September we published an outline map showing the expected deployment coverage - We have committed to replace the existing basemap with a more detailed Ordnance Survey map. We have decided to release this in February. If the District funding is secured then we will include this additional coverage in the map.


Looks like we have to wait and see again. However, they do seem to be committed to getting decent broadband to the “Final 8%”. This used to be Final 10% so maybe the first stage will go further than originally planned. (or maybe not).


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